20 févr. 2018
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They come groveling

Bearing gifts

Hearts unrepentant


Banging their heads on the ground

Forgive me, bless me, heal me

Sweat fills their pores

Knees scarred from crawling

Voices hoarse from shouting

Surely they must make it

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Take on the World

If it were left to you

Would you not do it?

Take on the world?

Be the last defense?

Against injustice,

Against hopelessness

Against desolation

Take on today

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Not Broken

Words kick holes in my heart

Blows dent my bones,

Memories run amuck

Thoughts float unhindered

But I am Not Broken


Promises, hopes and dreams

Dashed to pieces

By the words, by the fists

By the threats, by the shoves

But I am Not Broken

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Fear of the dark
Gremlins, goblins, ghosts
Hiding, whispering, plotting
In my head, in my dreams
They live, breathe, take over

Fear of the sea
Lady of the lake, Loreley, Leviathan,
Hypnotizing, alluring, killing
In my thoughts, in my wake
They wait, fester, consume

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