18 janv. 2018
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Fear of the dark
Gremlins, goblins, ghosts
Hiding, whispering, plotting
In my head, in my dreams
They live, breathe, take over

Fear of the sea
Lady of the lake, Loreley, Leviathan,
Hypnotizing, alluring, killing
In my thoughts, in my wake
They wait, fester, consume

Fear of the past
Bad decisions, bitter memories
Harrowing, taunting, crippling
In my present, in my head
They infringe, whisper, suffocate

Fear of people
Rogues, robbers, reapers
Hating scheming, lying
In my view, in my space
They hover, surround, multiply.

Fear of who I am becoming
Wiser, warmer
Loving, learning, living
In my footsteps, in my shadow,
They retreat, quiver, disappear

Fear of the future
Unstoppable, Unreadable, Unpredictable
Advancing, ascending, acknowledging
In His image, in His presence
They watch, in disbelief, denial

Fear. No more.