18 janv. 2018
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Mama said it will take time
I said time is what I didn’t have
She smiled
Little one, she said
Patting my head as I lay on her bosom
Hard work is like boiling water in a pot
It appears nothing is happening for a while
Until suddenly you see the water bubbling

So I worked
Days were too short
Nights, a blur
Nothing blossomed

I paused in frustration
And cried to mama
She chuckled
Little one, don’t you see?
Feeling my rippling shoulders, she said
The results are in the journey
The fears you faced
The lives you’ve touched
The lessons learned
I caressed her wrinkled face
Emboldened, I returned

I worked harder, but this time
Listening when others spoke
Questioning before judging
Living, not existing

I returned to mama
Carrying her in my arms
I told her of the lives I had touched
The wounds I had mended
The heartstrings I now held
She smiled, tears in her eyes
Little one, she said
You have made it