20 févr. 2018
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“A highly competent contribution to the growing genre of popular historical fiction in Africa.”

– Sefi Atta, Author of A Bit of A Difference, Swallow, Everything Good Will Come. Winner of Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa


“At the heart of Thread of Gold Beads stands Princess Amelia, an intelligent, courageous young woman who loses everything when the 1892 French invasion of Dahomey forces her to seek refuge in South-Western Nigeria.  Following a series of unexpected twists, Amelia’s journey, mirrors that of her Nigerian-born mother, as secrets and betrayals threaten her hard-fought peace of mind. Through a cast of distinct characters, Campbell-Fatoki, presents an intriguing coming of age story that captures the majesty of an 19th-century African kingdom.”

– Yejide Kilanko, bestselling author of Daughters Who Walk This Path.